The current situation is stressful for everyone, and it’s important to know that you’re not alone. 

Our team is working hard to be able to carry on supporting you and your pets for the coming weeks and months.  

We have put measures in place to be able to help your pet at home while still keeping in line with social distancing precautions and other Covid-19 regulations.

As part of this we will use telemedicine (online consultations). Because we want to make sure you still get the support you need with caring for your pet at home we even reduced the online visit fee to £25. With these we can assess and triage just how urgent a situation is, and whether the pet needs to be seen straight away. In certain cases we may even be able to remotely prescribe medications. Our 24/7 emergency end of life service is still running.

Maja Redfern one of our Hospice vets providing support online

With certain pets we are also able to visit outside in the garden.  

Whatever the situation we will make it work in a safe way taking all aspects into account.

Need more information?

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Merel Taal DVM MRCVS

Merel Taal DVM MRCV CHPV Founder and Marketing Director of Dignipets Merel founded Dignipets in 2015 to offer an alternative approach for pets and owners at a very difficult time. She is recently certified in palliative and hospice care and loves sharing all her newfound knowledge and experience with pet owners and colleagues.