Last week Merel and Sam were able to visit Prestwood Pet Crematorium near Stourbridge.

At Dignipets we only work with local pet crematoria so we know every member of staff and can make promises we can keep.

Aftercare is an important part of our job and it involves a lot of trust.

At Dignipets we make sure we have control over every aspect of the process so we can support you as best as we can. Our visit to Prestwood Pet Crematorium was the first in a series of visits we will be making across the greater West Midlands area.

We were able to give a short talk to the staff at Prestwood Pet Crematorium about the services that Dignipets offer, such as:

  • Palliative and elderly pet care consultations in the home
  • Hospice care in the home
  • Pain assessment consultations in the home
  • Online vet and nurse consultations to help support our patients and owners
  • Quality of life assessments
  • At home euthanasia and aftercare support

We also had the opportunity to spend time learning about Prestwood Pet Crematorium and what they can offer to people needing their services, such as:

  • The option to have a cremation and to have the ashes scattered at the crematorium grounds
  • The various options available for individual cremations, such as scatter tubes, caskets, urns, picture frames, keepsakes and memorial items.
  • The support network they use to help clients at this difficult time
  • The memorial garden for pets that have sadly passed away

We were able to see all of Prestwood’s facilities, which anyone can do as they offer an open door policy.

As you can see from our photo in the memorial garden, Rob Andrews and Belle were on hand to answer any of our questions.

Ways to contact Prestwood Pet Crematorium:

01384 873738

Merel Taal DVM MRCVS

Merel Taal DVM MRCV CHPV Founder and Marketing Director of Dignipets Merel founded Dignipets in 2015 to offer an alternative approach for pets and owners at a very difficult time. She is recently certified in palliative and hospice care and loves sharing all her newfound knowledge and experience with pet owners and colleagues.