Last week Merel was able to visit Bilston Veterinary Clinic.

Bilston Veterinary Clinic has provided veterinary care to small animals and pets for more than 30 years. Their small team of fully qualified staff all have at least 30 years of experience and is headed up by the owners Steve Mullender and Debbie Parry who both have long-standing and committed links to the local area

Merel was able to meet Debbie and the team to discuss palliative, hospice and end of life care for veterinary patients. During the talk Merel was able to do an hour long presentation about the ways we can help make hospice and end of life care better, and the mobile services that we are able to provide.

It is important to Dignipets to help develop relationships with local practices. Working together will help to improve the patient care that we all provide. 

We were also able to hear about the services that Bilston Veterinary Clinic provides for their clients. To pay tribute to pets that have passed away they have a lovely memory board.

We would like to thank Steve, Debbie and the team for allowing us to come and speak at their practice.

Maja Redfern

Maja is clinical director at Dignipets. A mobile veterinary practice that offers palliative and end of life care for every pet in need in the West Midlands. Having completed a certification programme in hospice and palliative care in 2017 Maja advises colleagues and referring practices on pain management for their most difficult geriatric cases. She is a dedicated pet owner (two dogs and three cats) and has developed a reputation amongst wanderers and strays for being the go-to person when lost.