As a hospice and palliative care vet treating pain is a significant part of my job.

It’s an area of veterinary medicine that I find incredibly interesting yet challenging. With the older and often terminally ill pets that we see in a home setting, chronic pain is a factor that has a huge impact on the quality of life for that pet.

We see chronic pain in conditions such as cancer and osteoarthritis, and pain management can often be the biggest factor in decision making for the owner towards the end of a pet’s life. 

Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service, a referral centre in the West Midlands, has recently announced the launch of a chronic pain clinic lead by Jacques Ferreira, an RCVS and European specialist in veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia. This clinic is open for referrals from vets at other practices, as well as internal referrals within the practice. 

This is another step in recognising the difficulties that chronic pain can present, and another option for owners looking for help managing their pets chronic pain.

Just as with humans, our pets are living longer and, with that, there is an increased risk of developing chronic pain conditions

Jacques Ferreira BSc BVSc MSc MMEDVET(Anaes) DiplECVAA

Signs of chronic pain are often not as easy for a pet owner to recognise as they can be subtle and often confused with signs of ageing.  

At Dignipets we are able to offer at home pain assessment.

Often our pets can mask the signs of pain, especially when they are in a different environment, such as a veterinary practice. By visiting you in your own home we can spend time with you and your pet and gently unmask pain in a calm, gentle and familiar environment.

If you would like more information, or would like to book an appointment for one of our veterinary surgeons to see your pet for a pain assessment then please contact us on 0333 3208731.

Maja Redfern

Maja is clinical director at Dignipets. A mobile veterinary practice that offers palliative and end of life care for every pet in need in the West Midlands. Having completed a certification programme in hospice and palliative care in 2017 Maja advises colleagues and referring practices on pain management for their most difficult geriatric cases. She is a dedicated pet owner (two dogs and three cats) and has developed a reputation amongst wanderers and strays for being the go-to person when lost.